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Gender & Preference Cis Woman interested in Cis Men
Ethnicity White / Caucasian
Body Type Curvy
Hair Red
Eyes Green
Children No children
Education College graduate
Religion Other
Smoking I don’t smoke
Under the Sheets Mild to wild
Height 5' 2"
Location USA
Last Online 10 hours ago


Hey my name is Christy; I’m a friendly, flirtatious, down to earth lady. I could be an open book, if you turn me one page at a time. I’m adventurous enough to tap into a conversation with an intelligent and interesting guy, who likes a lady that can turn slightly explicit or wildly spontaneous. I’m not offended by a sexy tale and can dish out one of my own. I’m not scared to explore my sexuality with you. If you want to chat, or find out more about my specialties don’t be afraid to send me a text or web message. You can always send me a request to chat as well. I might be the lady to make your mind want to explore more, and I promise I don’t bite!

11 hours ago

Do you want to have a good time? Join me! I can give you a night to remember.

3 days ago

What are your plans for the 4th of July? It’s supposed to be a really hot day, so my plans consists of wearing a cute bathing suite and hanging out at the pool.

7 days ago

What is on your mind? Let me know through a text or web message. We can talk to about my specialties as well.We could also talk about what you like.

10 days ago

Looking to talk, text, or web message a lovely lady, well look no further. I'm your lady, let's have some fun.

14 days ago

Monday Furry Play: Do you know why I like to experience furry play so much? I'll tell you why; I enjoy exploring the poison ivy suite or becoming an anthropomorphic animal character. If you have any questions then chat live or text me, and ask your questions.

16 days ago

Sometimes you hear the fetish BDSM you begin to think about sadism this is not always the truth, in fact BDSM can be creative, fulfilling, and perhaps a sweet nature. Our minds may get lost when trying to understanding the concept, efforts, and the responsibilities that take place. With me the responsibility begins, with being somewhat dominate and controlling the situation, but most times I enjoy the submissive form, and allowing you to take control. So let’s talk more on this subject, and I will persuade you to know the pleasures to BDSM.

18 days ago

Knowledge for the mind: Bondage, Ropes, and Shibari are methodical recurrences and detailed arrangements of a calming technique for me. I need to be focusing on each precise tying of the ropes too. If you like more insights on this contact me by web message, text, or go live we me. I will give you the know hows, information, and why I enjoy this pleasure so much, it could be a night to remember for you.

19 days ago

I had a very dirty dream last night and I’ll give you three guesses who the main guy in it was? Here’s a hint… He’s reading this right now.

22 days ago

Looking for some fun under the sun? Look no further! Ill be that fun for you in a flirtatious way. Join me!

23 days ago

Saturday Night Fever! Who wants to talk, text or web message? Let's have fun! "Fever sure has got me good, what you do when fever takes hold?" Kylie Minogue song. It's a classy song I like listening to tonight.

24 days ago

Let's talk, text, or web message tonight, and maybe we can have a freaky Friday together.

25 days ago

I like to share why I love stockibgs/pantyhose so much. Listen to my pantyhose story. Or come chat, and I'll tell you.

26 days ago

Voyeurism, Foot Fetish, Shoes/stockings/Panties, Exhibitionism, and many others can spice up my wild side, and since I’m all alone I would love the chance to discuss these topics with someone special tonight, Is that you? We can exchange our knowledge, expectations, and maybe get engaged into a conversation that will help us both explore our innermost thoughts I could be open-minded and explore more with you too, such as Dom/Sub, BBW, Shoes/stockings/Panties, Exhibitionism, Sapiosexuality (Intelligence), Toys/accessories, Bondage/Ropes/Shibari, Furry, Partialism (body part specific), Foot Fetish, Cosplay/Roleplay, Financial Domination, Body Fluids/Golden showers/Coprophilia , Macrophilia/Microphilia (giant and mini), Cuckolding/Feminization , BDSM, Age play/Chronophilia , Tickling, Latex, Voyeurism, Feederism, Sounds/ASMR, Breath/breathing play, Pony play, Vor / Vorarephilia, Breeding/Rutting, or just be your favorite girl next door. Anything goes! Let's explore the possibilities, tonight.

27 days ago

On this Monday morning I could think of anything I would rather do then talk, text, or web message with you, come join me.

29 days ago

It's Sunday and I wanting to talk, text or web message with a fun, interesting guy. What's on your mind on this fun Sunday?

30 days ago

It's late on this fun Friday night, and I'm feeling kind of lonely. So come text, or web message me something interesting about your desires. I'll be waiting to talk with you too.

31 days ago

I'm charming, tempting, enticing, fascinating, inviting, and provocative. Are you the same? Then send me a text or web message letting me know your desires, needs, wants, and anything you want me to know about you. I could be that attractive lady who makes your mind open up to explore those desires you yearn for.

32 days ago

I've been working out lately and like to flaunt my body. I feeling extremely desirable today and would like to chat with someone that respects a woman that takes care of her body, like in my albums. Check them out I'm sure you be pleased you did.

34 days ago

I've had a sweet Monday and I'm looking for someone to enjoy it with. I'm feeling somewhat naughty today. Are you feeling the same? I could be an open book, open-minded, and spend some quality time getting into you. Join me!

36 days ago

What are my best specialties? Do you want to know? I would enjoy sharing some with you. Are you into exhibitionism, shoes, panties, and stockings then check out my albums, and see how good I look in it all. I want to explore your deepest desires. Do you care to share yourself with me? Don't be shy. EXPLORE!

BDSM, Bondage/Ropes/Shibari, Breath/breathing play, Cosplay/Roleplay, Cuckolding/Feminization , Dom/Sub, Exhibitionism, Financial Domination, Foot Fetish, Furry, Latex, Sapiosexuality (Intelligence), Shoes/stockings/Panties, Sounds/ASMR, Toys/accessories, Voyeurism