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Gender & Preference Cis Woman interested in Cis Men
Ethnicity Mixed / Other
Body Type Average
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Children No children
Education Attended college
Religion Christianity
Smoking I smoke socially
Under the Sheets Wild to kinky
Location Colorado
Last Online 16 hours ago


We'll to be honest I am a lady in the streets but a freak in the bed I love to be treated nice in public but in the bedroom I like to be treated like a freak I like tabo doing things I'm not supposed to do is a rush for me kissing is a big turn on for me I'm on here looking for someone who can let loose and have some fun and get off with so message me or call me I'll be waiting on you

30 days ago

How is everyone doing today I'm home all day no work ready to talk to you

31 days ago

Wow today has been a busy Monday I'm ready to relax and rewind come hang out with me

45 days ago

We'll it's get this week stated off right call me or text me let's have some fun

48 days ago

Happy Friday everyone

50 days ago

Who wants to get off call me or text me

56 days ago

Well the weekend is almost here how about we start it out early

61 days ago

If someone is try to call me please forgive me I'm talking with someone now but I will be happy to talk to you after this call

61 days ago

I hope everyone is having a good weekend text me

66 days ago

How is everyone doing today let's connect

72 days ago

Hi everyone I'm here for the evening if anyone want to talk and have some fun in the phone

77 days ago

Happy Thursday how is everyone doing hope so who can I make feel good this morning

78 days ago

Hi everyone how's it going looking for someone to talk too

89 days ago

Good morning everyone hope everyone is haveing a good morning

90 days ago

What's everyone up to today I would love to talk to you today

96 days ago

Good morning everyone let's start this Saturday off connect with me I woke up so horny

97 days ago

Hey everyone happy Friday I hope everyone is having a good morning if you feel like talking let me know

103 days ago

How is everyone doing today I would love to have have some hot phone sex with someone

105 days ago

Come talk to me taday

109 days ago

Would love to have some fun with someone and end the weekend

111 days ago

Who is up and wants to get off with me I'm waiting

Toys/accessories, Breath/breathing play, Age play/Chronophilia , Exhibitionism, Foot Fetish, Body Fluids/Golden showers/Coprophilia

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