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Gender & Preference
Ethnicity White / Caucasian
Body Type Curvy
Hair Blonde
Eyes Green
Education Advanced degree
Religion Christianity
Smoking I don’t smoke
Under the Sheets Wild to kinky
Height 5' 8"
Location Washington State
Last Online 1 hour ago

A+ Sexy Tracy

“I have nothing to hide, and nothing to lose, and that makes me dangerous.” ~ Erika Jayne. Want a bit of danger? I'm your girl! Super busy in a crazy world. Business owner, lawyer, and volunteer. Like Marilyn Monroe, I live an insane life but could use some amazing company now and then. If that's you, please stop on by and say hello........
My Specialties
Dom/sub, Voyeurism, Foot Fetish, Shoes/stockings/Panties, Exhibitionism, BDSM, Toys/accessories, Cosplay/Roleplay, Financial Domination, Lactation, Cuckolding/Feminization , Breeding/Rutting, Breath/breathing play, Bondage/Ropes/Shibari, Age play/Chronophilia , Mutual Masturbation

13 hours ago

Sunday. The perfect day to kiss, cuddle and fuck. All day....

1 day ago

Fetishes. We all have them. What are yours?

2 days ago

The best way to apologize is to give your partner an amazing orgasm.....

3 days ago

That moment when you could really use a great, hard spanking..... Y'all missed my birthday!

4 days ago

Does anyone else feel like not "adulting" today? Being a grown-up is seriously over-rated.....Well, other than it does have it's moments.....

5 days ago

Question and thought for the day:  Does size really matter?  This can be body size, breast size, nipple size, labia size, cock size. Who the fuck cares about size? If you do? You are missing out on a whole lot. Just being real here......

6 days ago

You deserve the kind of love that takes your breath away and the kind of orgasms that will blow your mind....

7 days ago

You don't have to be naked to be sexy......

8 days ago

All I really want is someone with a good heart and a dirty mind....

9 days ago

I may have to add you to my to-do list....Or is it my do-me list? :-) Happy Friday! xo

10 days ago

Be with someone who gives you butterflies, makes you laugh, and makes you feel horny. Every single day.....

11 days ago

“There is a correlation between the number of days since a man last had sex, and, the number of things that he is willing to do for a woman.” ? Mokokoma Mokhonoana

12 days ago

"Pornography is about dominance and often pain. Erotica is about mutuality and always pleasure." ~ Gloria Steinem

13 days ago

“Sex is always about emotions. Good sex is about free emotions; bad sex is about blocked emotions.” — Deepak Chopra

14 days ago

Feeling under the weather today. Anyone want to take care of me? :-(

15 days ago

"Women need to have a reason to have sex. Men just need." ~ Oscar Wilde

16 days ago

“A naughty Friday is my favorite kind of Friday.”

17 days ago

How can something so wrong feel so right.....

18 days ago

I'm one of those strange beasts who really likes a corset.....

19 days ago

"You're mine." I love when you say those words.....