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Gender & Preference Cis Woman interested in Cis Men
Ethnicity White / Caucasian
Body Type Curvy
Hair Blonde
Eyes Green
Education Advanced degree
Religion Christianity
Smoking I don’t smoke
Under the Sheets Wild to kinky
Height 5' 8"
Location Washington State
Last Online 26 minutes ago

*A+ Sexy Tracy*

“I have nothing to hide, and nothing to lose, and that makes me dangerous.” ~ Erika Jayne. Want a bit of danger? I'm your girl! Super busy in a crazy world. Business owner, lawyer, and volunteer. Like Marilyn Monroe, I live an insane life but could use some amazing company now and then. If that's you, please stop on by and say hello........
My Specialties
Dom/sub, Voyeurism, Foot Fetish, Shoes/stockings/Panties, Exhibitionism, BDSM, Toys/accessories, Cosplay/Roleplay, Financial Domination, Lactation, Cuckolding/Feminization , Breeding/Rutting, Breath/breathing play, Bondage/Ropes/Shibari, Age play/Chronophilia , Mutual Masturbation

33 minutes ago

“Pleasure does not exist without pain. Pain and pleasure are the same emotion…”

1 day ago

“It is not enough to conquer; One must know how to seduce.”

2 days ago

“What turns me on is not what I do to your body, it is what I do to your mind”

3 days ago

“Of course it hurts, it’s a spanking. How else would it work?”

4 days ago

“I am such a bad girl," she thought. Yet...”

5 days ago

"Imagine being as deep inside a woman’s mind as you are inside her body.”

6 days ago

"He certainly seemed to have all the qualities of a gentleman, but the interesting kind who knows exactly when to stop behaving like one."

7 days ago

"He said to me - when I'm finished, you'll barely be able to stand me not being inside of you."

8 days ago

Full Moon Tonight! ~ "I feel like the moon is a very beautiful woman. She's in control." ~ Ravyn Lenae

9 days ago

"He took one look at her and he knew she was the perfect kind of trouble: a good girl who knew exactly when to be bad."

10 days ago

"Why are you so determined to keep your wild silently inside you? Let it breathe. Give it a voice. Let it roll out of you on the wide open waves. Set it free."

10 days ago

"She's the one tied to the bed, yet everything she gives to me ... her willing submission to my Dominance, her immersion in the pleasure I provide, her complete trust in my protection ... keeps me bound with ties far stronger than physical. She is my submissive. She completes me."

12 days ago

Happy Thanksgiving! Give me a whole lot of stuffing....

13 days ago

"Her secret desire is to be ravished, lovingly forced open in unbearable pleasure, and taken fully open to love by a man of deep spiritual wisdom, strength, humor, sensitivity and integrity."

14 days ago

"In that moment he needed to consume her, to fill her, to mark her as his ... just as she needed to open herself to him, to be desired, taken, owned."

15 days ago

"I'll give you what you're afraid to ask for."

15 days ago

"I'll give you what you're afraid to ask for."

15 days ago

"I'll give you what you're afraid to ask for."

15 days ago

"I'll give you what you're afraid to ask for."

16 days ago

"Any man can grab a woman by her hair, throw her on the bed, and rip her clothing off. Sure he can tie her up, call her a '' or a '' and have rough with her. But that is not dominance ... that's rough , maybe even violent . If she's into it, it can even be fun but that's still not true dominance. True dominance is the ability to whisper softly in her ear then observe as she obediently removes her clothing. Methodically ... one piece at a time. Watching as she kneels before you offering her entire self to you. Willingly, without hesitation or reservation. She will show you her most vulnerable self without embarrassment or shame. You will know that nothing makes her happier than making you happy ..."