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Gender & Preference Cis Woman interested in Cis Men
Ethnicity White / Caucasian
Body Type Athletic
Hair Blonde
Eyes Green
Education College graduate
Religion Other
Smoking I don’t smoke
Under the Sheets Wild to kinky
Height 5' 1"
Location Texas
Last Online 11 hours ago

A very good girl to know

Hey there! II'm a 21 yr old. I've decided I'm going to be free to explore. I want to find out what I like and what I don't like. I'm very open-minded and have already had some really great experiences. I get really excited when I think about all the things I have left to learn. We have to pick a limited answer to our preference. I said CIS woman (which I am) interested in CIS men (true)...but I also love women and gender non-binary as well. I guess I'm greedy. A little about me physically. I'm 5'1 and I'm athletic. I love to really dance. , I'm on the small side, 32a. I really like my little breasts. They're so sensitive! ! I love to laugh and have a good time. I love to be a sweet, good girl...but I'm open to most experiences. If you want to know more, please send me a message...or better yet, CALL ME!
My Specialties
Exhibitionism, Toys/accessories, Cosplay/Roleplay, Breath/breathing play, Age play/Chronophilia , Shoes/stockings/Panties, Foot Fetish, Voyeurism, Sapiosexuality (Intelligence)

6 days ago

I got a new toy. I'm just spending my day off today trying it out.. So far, I've put it on a pillow and climbed on top of it sliding my little pussy around until I came all over ir. What else should I do?

16 days ago

I'm home all day Wednesday 5/4 Cum play with meeeeeee

34 days ago

Hi friends! I'm around all day today. I'll be looking forward to talking to someone if they want to make a call here call. I've gotten a toy to play with...

62 days ago

Tuesday is my favorite day of the week. It's naked day!

64 days ago

Hey guys! I'm around today, and I would just love to discuss my favorite shining object. Come play!

67 days ago

I'm really horny and want to play. Call me?!

68 days ago

Hey guys it's Wednesday and I'm extremely horny. Just needing someone else and some good company. If you're interested please say Hi I'd love to chat.

70 days ago

Hey there it is March 7th and I am home alone tonight.. Hope and I get some calls from some sexy men today. I really want to be naughty and bad

174 days ago

It is Sunday December 12th I will be available from about 5 PM central to 8 PM central. Love to hear from youl XOXO

204 days ago

I was in the hospital for the past week. Finally home and very horny. I wanna be a bad girl.

265 days ago

I'm gonna be home all day today. Thought I'd take the opportunity to have a naked day.. If you're going to take the opportunity to have a naked day, come talk

266 days ago

I have been so busy the last week. I need to cuuummmm

303 days ago

I'm gonna be home all weekend. Nikki nikkid horny and ready to play. Give me a call give me a call.

526 days ago

Call me. I'm looking for a little dirty abuse. I need it.

781 days ago

Wow! Everything is so crazy right now! Took some time to enjoy the beautiful weather today while I practiced social distancing and yoga outside. It felt s good. It seems like we've been locked up for years. March has been the longest year ever.

788 days ago

I wore these tight jeans to work today. All-day long, I kept rubbing my clit against the seam. When the day was over, I slid my hand down inside and felt how wet my panties were. I couldn't wait to cum. I rubbed and fingered my cunt until I came so hard. It was such a wonderful release. I wanted 200 more.

801 days ago

I had a few minutes between school and practice. I thought I'd stop in and say hi to everyone. I hope you're having a fantastic week and I will be around this weekend. byeeeeee!

816 days ago

It has been a little while since I've posted anything...and I apologize. I started my new job and with practice on top of that, I have been B U S Y! I have something kind of exciting happening though. An old friend, that's a photographer, contacted me today and wanted to know if I wanted to do a little modeling for him. I said YES (as soon as I find the time)! Hopefully, I'll have some new beautiful pics soon. xoxoxo

835 days ago

We had our first long Saturday cheer practice today. Got to hang out and be lifted up by this guy! We had a blast. Everything is so much easier to do when you trust your partner. I know one thing. I'm exhausted!!

836 days ago

I think I'm finally starting to feel well. I still have a bit of a cough but I see the first few glimmers of feeling great. I know it's supposed to be beautiful here this weekend. Perfect for our Super Bowl Party. Go, Halftime Show!! I wish I was more excited about the game...but I hate the 49ers. boooo!!!


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