Profile detail

Gender & Preference Cis Woman interested in Cis Men
Ethnicity Black / African
Body Type BBW
Hair Blonde
Eyes Brown
Education Advanced degree
Religion Other
Smoking I smoke regularly
Under the Sheets Wild to kinky
Height 5' 5"
Location Alpharetta
Last Online 1 day ago

American Goddess

My sign is an Aquarius, and I Am an American Goddess. I am Very Open-Minded with NO Limits. I Love Hott Kinky adult Talk of All Kinds... I'm single and I want to interact with you on a Hott and Nasty Personal Level. This is Olivia Celeste, come and get to know your Goddess. Your American Goddess??
My Specialties
Dom/sub, Sounds/ASMR, BBW, Cosplay/Roleplay, Age play/Chronophilia , Financial Domination, Body Fluids/Golden showers/Coprophilia , SCH/ Humiliation, Toys/accessories, BDSM, Sapiosexuality (Intelligence), Pony play

58 days ago

I am up and ready to play with all those hard cocks this evening. Call your American Goddess and be prepared to Cum like you haven't since your youth

75 days ago

This is your American Goddess calling out to all those big thick hard cocks out there. Those little hard cocks need Love too. I'm here awaiting your summons, ready to take you exactly where you want to go. Cum with me, Cum serve me. Bring your fantasies to me and I'll bring them to life as your American Goddess

183 days ago

Hey my loves, who's out there today looking to wind down this Beautiful Sexy Monday? I Love to Text, Receive Calls, and Send Web Messages. I don't have any Limits and I Am Softly Dominant and I Love Role Playing??

350 days ago

Hey Lover how are you all today.... I want to play and get nasty. Let's talk my loves

455 days ago

I'm lonely this morning, I would love something very thick and hard this rainy day.

508 days ago

Hello to all my Loves, how is those big or small cocks doing today? Let's Play ...

708 days ago

Good morning sexy Lovers out there how are you and who wants to talk? Send me a sexy message or just give me a call. It's my birthday Lover

892 days ago

Hello my loves this is your American Goddess and it's an Aquarius Full Moon my Energy can feel you calling for me, send me a text call me or send me a message I'm here I'm waiting. You're American Goddess wants you.

899 days ago

Good afternoon my loves, what do you want to do today

945 days ago

Good morning my loves, how are you this morning? Is it storming where you are this morning? I'm in bed alone and my body is longing to be touched... I would love to speak to a man that's feeling that same longing I'm talking about. Is that you, are you that man? I would love to find out, kisses. Message me, this is your American Goddess~ let's play

982 days ago

Hello my love what's going on tonight

983 days ago

Good morning my loves it's going to be lovely day... And I'm in the mood to talk, text, share and more... Who else is in the mood today?

997 days ago

Online and looking for some Hott conversation, wyd tonight loves

1000 days ago

Your American Goddess is here and about to take a long Hott shower...

1001 days ago

Good evening my loves who's out there, I want to get nasty I want to play

1002 days ago

What time is it where you are love?

1002 days ago

Good and Beautiful morning to all my Loves~ it's early and I wanna talk??


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