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Gender & Preference Cis Woman interested in Cis Men
Ethnicity Black / African
Body Type Athletic
Hair Black
Eyes Blue
Education College graduate
Religion Christianity
Smoking I smoke regularly
Under the Sheets Crazy
Height 5' 4"
Location North Carolina
Last Online 43 days ago


28 year-old Nubian Queen and mother of a beautiful Nubian princess. I have the sexual appetite of a nymphomaniac and self-control for balance like no other. My sexuality is habitual. I enjoy romance with both men and women. I would love to hear more about your sexual fantasies and desires. Please don’t hesitate to open up to me if you feel comfortable and as free and habitual as me.
My Specialties
Dom/sub, Mutual Masturbation, Sapiosexuality (Intelligence), Cosplay/Roleplay, Body Fluids/Golden showers/Coprophilia , Sounds/ASMR, Tickling

43 days ago

I truly wish I could get fucked hard right now. Tell me the things you’d imagine and want to do.

67 days ago

How would you handle me in a hotel room all alone? My clit stay as hard as my nipples…

86 days ago

Mmmmm…. Chocolate covered cherries? I think YES.

116 days ago

LOL, they stay hard btw. I stay excited and high on life.

120 days ago

Tell me you want to dominate me without tellin me you want to fuck me up…

127 days ago

Like or love it. Your only options. I’m feeling myself today and that’s okay.

145 days ago

How I look when I’m hung up on, told I’m not what someone may have wanted or told I’m not enough. I love me, I love Briest, I’m also grown and was born in 1993. Suit yourself.

145 days ago

I’m smiling because yes I noticed my nipples are hard too. I’m sure you like to suck on them and get them swollen as quick as your cock will.

148 days ago

I’m a hard-working young Queen who needs to rest and deserve the best