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Gender & Preference Gender Non-Conforming
Ethnicity Latino / Hispanic
Body Type Curvy
Hair Brunette
Eyes Brown
Children No children
Education College graduate
Religion Other
Smoking I don’t smoke
Under the Sheets Crazy
Height 5' 6"
Location The Dirty South
Last Online 6 hours ago


Well Hello there! My name is Gypsy and I'm all about having fun and exploring each other wants and needs. I'm well experienced in the bedroom and at the same time, I can hold an educated conversation. I love to chat about kinky and taboo things and build everlasting fuck buddies. Or better yet, we all have those days where we just need a good conversation with a person that has a listening ear. I'm ready to have fun, are you? xoxo Gypsy

38 days ago

Where are my naughty boys???

71 days ago

HAPPY HUMP DAY!! Where are all my lovely freaks, come get me!

84 days ago

So ready to get my talk on!!! Missed my naughty men. Let's have some fun.

107 days ago

Is it Friday yet????

116 days ago

Woot !!! Some time off and vacation..... well deserved but is time to get back to the real fun. Naughty time is the best time and am so ready to be a dirty slut.

137 days ago

Hi, my sexy lovers!!!! I will be away next week and Will be back July 15 so we can have lots of fun. XOXO Gypsy

151 days ago

Who is ready for Today...NOT ME!! Still in today and loving it. Just got off the phone and had a very naughty chat.

182 days ago

Woot woot, is Friday!! Who wants to hang out with me ??? Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @gypsyflirt1to1

183 days ago

Happy Hump Day !!!!

186 days ago

HIIII !!!! so ready to chat!!!

187 days ago

Sundays are for pjs, but the sexy type. Stay in bed and feel your warm body. I need someone to join me .

187 days ago

Sundays are for pjs, but the sexy type. Stay in bed and feel your warm body. I need someone to join me .

190 days ago

WOW! Today is one of those days I'm feeling super wild and kinky in every way. Please join me, I grabbed my glass of wine and wearing my favorite teddy.

191 days ago

HI !!! ready to chat! Let's have some fun

203 days ago

Good Morning !!!! Let's have some fun!

204 days ago

Morning my sexy people!!! Let's Chat!

205 days ago

Just getting out the shower and looking for some company.

205 days ago

Who is having naughty thoughts today??? Care to share ?

206 days ago

HAPPY MONDAY!!!!!! super low key today, and my mind is wanting to get super naughty.

208 days ago

Saturday night! Where are all my freaks at?

Dom/Sub, Voyeurism, Foot Fetish, Shoes/stockings/Panties, Exhibitionism, Toys/accessories, Cosplay/Roleplay, BBW, Financial Domination, Sounds/ASMR, Body Fluids/Golden showers/Coprophilia , Lactation, Cuckolding/Feminization , SCH/ Humiliation, Breeding/Rutting, Age play/Chronophilia , Bondage/Ropes/Shibari, Breath/breathing play, Sapiosexuality (Intelligence), Vor / Vorarephilia, Macrophilia/Microphilia (giant and mini)

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