Profile detail

Gender & Preference Woman interested in Women
Ethnicity Black / African
Body Type Slim
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Education Attended college
Religion Other
Smoking I smoke socially
Under the Sheets Mild to wild
Height 5' 4"
Location Southern Area
Last Online 3 hours ago


I’m a very open and easy to talk to woman. I love getting to know new people. Talking about any and everything is what I do best. I’m a very sweet person and love to be treated respectfully.

32 days ago

I’m always up late by myself with no one to talk to so I’m pretty bored currently! Had a very mellow day did a little self care with my nails but hope I get a good nights sleep soon.

33 days ago

Been socializing with family and friends tonight and definitely lit haha. Wish I had a guy to cuddle and end my night off with a bang.

34 days ago

It seems I can’t make my photo album :( so I figured why not upload at least one here :*

34 days ago

My self confidence is unmatched. I’m completely in tune with myself and love what I see in the mirror. I honestly would say I am attracted to myself, I really love standing in the mirror (mainly naked lol), and just checking myself out all throughout the day. :)

34 days ago

Just feeling like posting! A little about me, I’m about 5’4. I consider myself petite but thick (of course ha!). I have pretty dark brown almondish shaped eyes with the prettiest button nose and big, plump pink lips. I have a great fashion sense, and I’m super girly. I loveee to laugh and make pleasant conversation before getting into anything too risqué :). I like to see how compatible we can be, I definitely love a mental connection. It makes me even more turned on honestly.

39 days ago

Ugh my line has not been working so sorry for missing calls. I’m hoping to get to talk today :) feeling good today

41 days ago

Hi everyone I’m new to flirt and would love to talk about my recent trip I just got back from to someone new and interesting! I had the best time :)