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Gender & Preference Cis Woman interested in Cis Men
Ethnicity Mixed / Other
Body Type Curvy
Hair Brunette
Eyes Green
Children No children
Education College graduate
Religion Christianity
Smoking I don’t smoke
Under the Sheets Kinky to nuts
Height 5' 2"
Location PA
Last Online 3 days ago

Princess Victoria

I am a submissive woman looking for older dirty men to chat and play with. I enjoy talking to older men due to their maturity and experiences. I call myself a "Deadly Combination" because I am submissive, cute and innocent. And I am also a bad girl, naughty and wild. Either way, I want to please Daddy. I want to make Daddy cum very hard. What will be my special reward as I remain a good girl for you? I am also hoping that we can build some sort of connection along the way as we get to know each other. So please stop by and introduce yourself. PLEASE NOTE: IF I MISS YOUR CALL BY ACCIDENT, PLEASE MESSAGE ME AFTERWARDS SO THAT I CAN REPLY BACK OTHERWISE I HAVE NO WAY OF CONTACTING YOU AND I WOULD HATE TO MISS YOU OR LOSE YOU.

13 hours ago

Enjoying the sunshine today and wishing you were here with me. I would love to chat and see where the conversation goes. Looking for those Foot Fetish men who love sucking toes.

3 days ago

Looking for something different this morning. Interested in speaking to mean who are open minded when it comes to fantasies and role play. Can we talk?

9 days ago

Come play with your naughty submissive Princess. Let's take our time and explore one another. I want to please you, and I want you to come back for more. Can I be your addiction?

9 days ago

Happy Memorial Day!!!! I hope you all are enjoying the start to your morning so far. Would love to chat with those who are feeling playful. Let's see what we can get into this morning.

10 days ago

Just waking up this morning. I would like to get my day started off with you. The right way. Come inside Princess Room. I'll be waiting.

11 days ago

Looking for men who care to share stories. I want to talk about sex from a Phycological aspect. Why do we think and feel what we desire. I would love to share my experiences with you. Please come join me as we tap into each other's desires.

12 days ago

Princess is feeling so lonely at the moment. I could use some company this evening. I would love to cuddle with you while we disconnect from the world.

12 days ago

Looking to speak to mature older men today. I am having a bit of a rough morning to be honest so I am looking for someone to keep me company. Please DO NOT contact me if you are disrespect and complicated. Thank you. Strictly looking for fun, positive and upbeat men to chat with.

13 days ago

Are you up for some naughty role play this evening? I would love to cater to you this evening. Please come by and let me be your dirty girl for you.

13 days ago

Feeling so naughty after Princess just came back from enjoying the sun. Now I am sweaty and my body is wet. Please come join me. Let's get hot together.

14 days ago

Come fuck me hard. I need you now.

15 days ago

Feeling a little aggressive this morning. I had a hard time sleeping last night as I was thinking unwanted dirty sexual thoughts. I would love to share what's on my mind this morning. Come join me as I am available now to chat.

17 days ago

Looking for Dominant men this morning who can push me beyond my limits. I would love to cum back to back for you. Looking for men who can totally mind fuck me.

18 days ago

Come on by and have breakfast with Princess. I would love to feed you and please you this morning. How can we make this a magical morning between you and I?

21 days ago

Enjoying the beautiful sunshine today. Wishing you here next to me rubbing sunscreen all over my body.

23 days ago

Feeling very sensual this morning. Sitting here drinking tea wishing I woke up next to you in your arms. Looking to speak with men who are romantic and sensual. Morning sex is the best sex. :)

23 days ago

Just got done being a naughty girl. I am still horny. Feeling very dirty and slutty this afternoon. I would love to play with you. I need to be satisfied to completion.

23 days ago

Just relaxing this morning. Looking for some naughty role play with Daddy. I hope to hear your sexy voice.

26 days ago

Good Morning. I hope you all are staying safe. I would love to engage in a conversation where we can take our time and get to know one another. I would love to tap into my inner deepest darkest desires but it takes connecting with the right person to experience such pleasure.

29 days ago

Relaxing this evening. Just got done cooking dinner wishing you were here. Stop by and say hello. Would love to chat with you.

Dom/Sub, Foot Fetish, Shoes/stockings/Panties, BDSM, Age play/Chronophilia , Tickling, Bondage/Ropes/Shibari, Cosplay/Roleplay, Toys/accessories, BBW, Breeding/Rutting, Body Fluids/Golden showers/Coprophilia


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