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Gender & Preference Cis Man interested in Cis Women
Ethnicity White / Caucasian
Body Type Curvy
Hair Brunette
Eyes Brown
Education Attended college
Religion Other
Smoking I don’t smoke
Under the Sheets Kinky to nuts
Height 5' 1"
Location East coast
Last Online 1 day ago


Hi, I am hard working and play just as hard, easy to get along with. I have my little kinks (nibble don't bite), love to talk to someone who has those same if not more. So don't be shy stop by say hello, you never know??
My Specialties
Body Fluids/Golden showers/Coprophilia , Voyeurism, Dom/sub, Shoes/stockings/Panties, Toys/accessories, Breath/breathing play, Bondage/Ropes/Shibari, BBW, Age play/Chronophilia

106 days ago

Remember growing up looking at my mothers playgirl magazines and dads playboy magazines. Use to be able to get them at any convenience stores. Now they are hard to find. ?? The nude pictures of men and women were so erotic and tasteful.

114 days ago

When I was working at the bookstore (naughty bookstore), things I saw would drive me crazy. Men with some big ?, letting others suck on it. And then of course you got the cheap ones who ruin it for others when they fill they don’t have to put money in the booth.

115 days ago

Why do people get so upset over sex, it is a natural thing to do. I listen to people tell me they don’t want to do that or this. You do what you feel comfortable with. Now me I like to experiment, never judge until you have tried it, and then just keep your opinion to yourself. We all different taste.

144 days ago

Monday crazy day. Masterbation take me away………

157 days ago

Hang out with two men tonight, both thought their shit didn’t stink, one with a nice size couldn’t even get it up and the other did eat pussy. And they say women are bad.

172 days ago

Well today was just one of those days. Hate when someone feels they have the right to touch you and think you are just suppose to smile and tell them you like it. Shit there are women who get paid for that shit. If you are going to touch me then fucking make me cum.

180 days ago

Super bowl come on Bengals!!!! Party Party!!

184 days ago

Back from Alaska, great time lots of fucking sex, eight days of sex and a free trip. What more could I ask for.

201 days ago

Baby it’s cold outside, cum and keep me warm?

214 days ago

Been long time, busy busy life. Only enjoyment is my shower massager!

228 days ago

New Year around the corner!!!

253 days ago

Year almost over with, going to give the new year hell!

259 days ago

Best Thanksgivings dinner gobble gobble. The dessert was the best.

270 days ago

Been along time, think I will be scrounge this year.

283 days ago

Hump day, time for a little let’s get it on.

285 days ago

Great Halloween weekend.

290 days ago

Hump day, where’s the camel ??, to make my day. Home early, what to do with myself.

298 days ago

Halloween ?? around the corner.

305 days ago

Well great weekend, friends, family, and lots of talk about sex.

310 days ago

Another week comes and goes. Another hump day.


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