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Gender & Preference Cis Man interested in Cis Women
Ethnicity White / Caucasian
Body Type Curvy
Hair Brunette
Eyes Brown
Education Attended college
Religion Other
Smoking I don’t smoke
Under the Sheets Kinky to nuts
Height 5' 1"
Location East coast
Last Online 1 hour ago


Hi, I am hard working and play just as hard, easy to get along with. I have my little kinks (nibble don't bite), love to talk to someone who has those same if not more. So don't be shy stop by say hello, you never know??
My Specialties
Body Fluids/Golden showers/Coprophilia , Voyeurism, Dom/sub, Shoes/stockings/Panties, Toys/accessories, Breath/breathing play, Bondage/Ropes/Shibari, BBW, Age play/Chronophilia

2 days ago

Halloween ?? around the corner.

8 days ago

Well great weekend, friends, family, and lots of talk about sex.

13 days ago

Another week comes and goes. Another hump day.

15 days ago

Fall has arrived, cooler nights. Fantasy’s are the only thing getting me off. I beg for it I rain MEN.

21 days ago

Hump day nothing like putting it up in the air.

23 days ago

People today and their sexuality complexes. All I hear is like sucking cock but not gay, eat pussy but don’t like girls, what that ? We are who we are.

30 days ago

Been a busy week know time for touchy touchy. Sometime being alone and touching and masterbating is so much gratifying then having to keep your partner engaged, your done turn over and sleep ??.

41 days ago

Weekend around the corner, think I will take off and meet up with a friend. She’s open minded like me and enjoys some of the finer things (threesomes, bondage, hot wax), and of course sexy lingerie. Are little secret ??.

45 days ago

Busy weekend, BBQ swimming in the nude. Meeting a new boy toy ????

46 days ago

We’re did the week go? Labor Day weekend is here? The heat is crazy ??, always walking around naked, are in sexy lingerie.

48 days ago

NASCAR weekend and sex, what a great weekend.

59 days ago

Living by yourself has the perks, running around the house naked has a jay bird. The only way to keep cool ?? on a hot Sunday.

61 days ago

Should we settle for less or more in a relationship? I feel there are three parts of us, we have are home life, work life and of course are personal time. Trying to find that person to fill all three can be nerve racking.

63 days ago

Should everyone tried to swing once with their partner, maybe they are more afraid of enjoying it. Some have the concept one lover at a time, why not more then one?

69 days ago

Is it wrong to be with the same sex? I believe not, it’s what we desire that counts. The touch of the hand, the way your partner trails their lips and tongue over your body, your desire to reciprocate. Your partner the one that makes you feel excited and naughty and you do the same for them, is the one you should enjoy.

75 days ago

How does the week go by so fast. Going to a toy party for adults this weekend. Need lots of cash ??.

80 days ago

Sunday morning and lingerie party going strong. Question, does it make us a lesbian cause we like looking at each other?

80 days ago

Saturday night over girlfriends house having a lingerie party. A little wine and food.

82 days ago

The weekend is here, just going to look for a little erotic talk and show.

84 days ago

Hump Day time for some fun. Hell with camel bring me the dong. Every day should be hump dump.


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